The low down on the down low of SIK.

Sniffling Indie Kids is a record label based out of New Jersey, started by three of the dudes also responsible for Tiny Giant.  Having played in bands and been a part of the New Brunswick/North Jersey indie rock scene, we decided to start booking shows as well as put out tapes, CDs and records to support and unite the great bands we often play with/see live.

The name Sniffling Indie Kids comes from the Hold Steady song “Positive Jam” and it very much signifies our perspective on life and music.  Take the music very seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously.  We don’t have any specific preference regarding the type of music we put out as long as it’s good, although we do mainly work within the broad spectrum that is “indie rock”.  Mainly, we work with our own bands and bands that we know, play with often, and have a great amount of love and appreciation for.

We’re of the mind that rock music may not be able to change the world anymore (if it ever actually did) but it can still change the hearts and minds of people on a smaller scale and in a way that is probably more important.  This is our way of giving back to something that has meant so much to us throughout our lives.

“Punk rock changed our lives.” – D. Boon, Minutemen