Tunes we have released on this label. Stream for free below! 
Also don't be afraid to take the initiative and pick up a physical copy too ;)

SIK038: tense by dollysSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK037: Degeneration by C.R. and the DegeneratesSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK036: The Enduring YJY by YJYSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK035: Cartoon Physics by Shred FlintstoneSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK034: Health Palm by SpowderSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK033: Junk Mail by Rosey BengalSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK032: You are not Mine by Rocky & the ChapterSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK031: Close Encounters by C.R. and the DegeneratesSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon

SIK030: Born with the Gift of Magic by Adam and the PlantsSpotify // Apple Music // Amazon